Today I am experimenting!

Hello, Good morning.. to all hope all is well today for you guys. I myself woke up fixed coffee a fed my MIN PIN then went an did my look in the mirror a wonder if I had changed any during the night, but all was well my face can change shape in one night. Really it does! Sometimes my eyes will be puffy or droopy or the wasting in y face is more definite than the day before. I scrub my face a then use aloe on it morning a night seems to tighten the skin up. Sometimes I almost breakdown a cry over what I perceive as my looking hideous looking from the fat loss in my face. But then I hold my little girl a she will talk to me an I have to think of gratitude a the thought how lucky I am to be here today. An there are people out their way worse off than myself, Like the Women of Tutwiler Prison who live in fear a terror of saying the wrong thing a the officers staff at prison might break their noses beating them or worse because they think they can with no supervision from upper management in Alabama Corrections. Some even live with flashbacks in their regular lives since they left the prison it follows them everyday. So I feel lucky if I look at my life an compare what gifts I have in my life. I am grateful for another day. Thank you!


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