I don’t feel much this weekend.

I must be depressed but I do my treadmill for 30 minutes each morning which I like to do or I feel blah. I just don’t feel excitement for writing either. But I know I want to write an I keep going over ideas of a book I want to write? Maybe my life the way I wished I could live it? What do you think? My life in fiction hmm sounds good. Think the problem with how I feel maybe my heart making me feel wiped out after I do 30 minutes on treadmill? But I have to do it plus the 2 blood pressure meds I think slow me down but I must have a balance of which I haven’t figured out yet. Gosh I wish some angel would flutter down an ask me what I would like to have in my life to make it better. Did you know my most powerful color am attracted to is the color of Azurite when I look at it it’s like the whole world opens up in my mind an many thoughts of beautiful places seem to flash through my imagination. Did you know I used to go into a gemstone shop an I would look down at the gemstones with my eyes an mind unfocused an the colors an stones that made it through the blur was what I considered my soul to be connected to in my subconscious. The first time I did it the blues an green were the most powerful for me. What it means is how do I know I just tried it an has been connected to my spirit ever since then. Keep on Standing Tall an Love who you are God doesn’t make mistakes.


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