I am a Divergent an i Stand intrigued!

Finally I got out an did something human. On Saturday 22 of March I got out of apartment for a real entertainment challenge an went to AMC Theatre that u sit down in an eat an watch a movie! For me this is a tremendous feet of progress for one who sits in front of computer for his social experiences with internet personalities. What was the title of the movie? “rolling drums”….Divergent! I give it a B+ it was solid eyeful of eye candy and a good story line that lets you know there will be sequel’s. The movie held me all the way through to satisfy my movie time experience. The French fries were awesome with a diet Coke. An afterwards I walked to store feeling bloated like a 8 month pregnant woman. So yes im still standing alone an afraid today. But I will survive! until another day comes I am still STANDING DIVERGENT!